A very popular type of cold laser, or low level laser therapy (LLLT), for home use is the TQ Solo. The TQ Solo is made by Terraquant and is offered as their portable model. It’s small, easy to use and, once it is charged, is used wirelessly. The parts and functionality that would normally be a separate console are built into the emitter itself so it can all be conveniently used and adjusted in one small hand-held device.

Technical Specs and Dimensions

As for wavelengths, the TQ Solo cold laser device has a super pulsed 15,000 mW, 905 nm laser emitter. It has infrared 60 mW, 875 nm LED as well as a red 7.5mW, 660 nm LED. It has been cleared by the FDA for home use, and does not require any practitioner’s or doctor’s recommendation making it easy to simply purchase online and use at home.

It is a small device that will easily fit in your hand. It’s only 4 inches long, and 2 inches wide, and 3 inches tall. It is also very lightweight, weighing less than a pound.

Pulsation/Radiance Settings and Their Use

This device has adjustable super pulsing settings that allow it to adjust the depth of penetration of the photons. The three different depths are useful for different kinds of pain.

The 5 Hz pulsing frequency setting is the deepest tissue penetration you can get on this device (What is Hz?). This is useful for tissue repair and tissue healing. The 50 Hz setting gives a more moderate penetration depth into the tissue and is geared more toward anti-inflammation. The highest pulsation setting, 1,000-3,000 Hz is the most superficial and is used for the treatment of acute or more intense pain.

cold laser tq solo

The laser reduces pain, inflammation and helps healing by delivering photons to the affected area below the tissue. This type of low level laser therapy has been shown to stimulate cell regeneration and to increase microcirculation. Microcirculation is the circulation of blood in the smallest of blood vessels located deep within the tissue. This increases the production of adenosine triphosphate, or ATP. ATP is the source of energy cells’ metabolic processes. This all works together to help to alleviate pain and heal at a cellular level.


It comes with a cable that you plug into a regular wall outlet to charge the device. Once it is charged the lithium battery last 15 to 18 hours, so it has a nice long life. It should last you 300+ treatments (most treatments are 5 minutes).You can unplug it once it is charged and use it wirelessly.

Other Things Included

It also comes with 2 pairs of safety goggles, a hard case for easier portability, an operation manual, protocol manual, and quick start guide.

Additional probes and attachments can be purchased to use with the TQ Solo.

For example, you can purchase probes to attach to the aperture that can be used for different types of treatment such as trigger point therapy.

TQ Solo Price

The TQ Solo goes for around $3,000.

You may also be interested in the TerraQuant Pro, made by the same company, which is a more comprehensive cold laser package. It’s obviously not nearly as convenient and portable as the TQ Solo, but is one of the most popular models for home use due it it’s versatility.

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