A lot of people are wondering the best cold laser therapy device for home use is. Cold laser therapy can be use to alleviate pain caused by a variety of ailments. It uses low level laser technology to affect cellular function. Many people with arthritis have found relief at heir doctors’ office from a cold laser therapy device and are wondering if they can get the same treatment at home.


As a matter of fact, they can. While most people continue to visit their doctor’s offices to get low level laser therapy, they are considering purchasing their own to use at home. While cold laser equipment is expensive, ranging from 2-8 thousand dollars, some patients have found it to be cost effective. Why?

This has to do with the doctors’ visits.

Comparing Doctor Visit’s For Cold Laser Therapy VS Buying Your Own


A lot of it depends on your insurance and how much you have to pay your doctor. If it doesn’t cost you a lot of money to visit your doctor to get cold laser treatment, then it may not make sense to pay thousands of dollars to buy your own at home.

But, if for whatever reason ( usually insurance-related) it is very expensive for you to go to your doctor, then is much be cheaper to just buy your own.

After all, there is no special training required to use or buy a cold laser device. It’s actually very simple to use and can be done by most people on themselves or someone else such as a friend or family member.

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