Low level laser therapy devices for sale to use at home have become increasingly popular. Low level laser therapy, or LLLT for short, is another term for cold laser therapy.


Low level laser therapy devices are used to treat pain. They are used for both humans and animals. You can treat wound, muscle pain, and tendon and joint pain with these laser treatments. These devices have become increasingly popular because you do not need any kind of medical prescription to use them and they have full FDA approval.

Benefits and features

The lasers are generally portable and lightweight. Most of them come with carrying cases so that you can easily transport your low level laser therapy device. Many people have found that they can treat pain and alleviate symptoms up to 100% after a series of treatments from their device, which explains their popularity.

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Most of them come with 2 year warranties, but you should be sure to check when you buy. Of course, if you are buying a used one the warranty may not apply.

How it Works

So, how do low level lasers work? LLLT works at a cellular level. The LLLT delivers photons to cells, often penetrating deep beneath the skin. The level of penetration can be determined by the type of laser as well as its’ settings. The lasers’ wavelength determines how deep it goes and many lasers offer settings to shift between shallower and deeper penetration depths.

The interaction between the photons and the cells causes a photochemical reaction. It affects the cell’s membrane permeability and results in physiological changes, again, at a cellular level. The photons’ chemical reaction with the cells results in an increase in vascular activity, metabolic activity, a reduction in inflammation, and an increased rate of cell growth. You can see how when applied to damaged cells, it would speed up the healing process and reduce pain in the process of doing so.

Why Many Opt for At-Home Use

One of the main reasons that people buy a laser therapy device for the home is because they have experienced using it at their doctors’ office. They have seen the benefits of the low level lasers on their pain and see how easy it is to use. Thanks to the FDA approval for home use, you can save thousands of dollars per year by having your own device at home rather than spending money on doctor bills every time you want a treatment.

Some people use it every day or even twice a day, so it makes sense to buy your own. This saves on doctor bills, as well and time, wear and tear on your car, and gas money to for all those doctors’ visits. We have more on our article on buying a Cold Laser Therapy Device.


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