Cold laser equipment can vary depending on which kind you get. While the specifications of the components of the equipment may be different, though, they all need to have the basics. This page will cover the equipment that comes with most cold lasers.


The console is the main equipment that provides the user interface. It often has a screen and buttons to adjust different setting on the cold laser and serve as a timer. Some cold laser units do not have a console, like the TQ Solo. It is designed to be portable and therefore has all the functionality built into the hand-held emitter itself. Most cold laser units, though, do have a console.

TerraQuant Pro Console and Emitter

cold laser equipment - console

The TQ Solo is just an emitter with no consoleemitter equipment


The emitter is essential part of the cold laser equipment. It is how you actually apply the cold laser therapy (also known as Low Level Laser Therapy, or LLLT) to the area you need it. It has diodes (what are diodes?) that emit the laser, delivering the photons to the cells of the area treated.

Some emitters are threaded so that you can attach different probes to the end of it. This equipment does not come with all cold laser units as it is not always necessary. These probes can help with different types of treatments involving acupoint (what is acupoint?)), for example.

cold laser equipment - types of emitters


Most units will come with both an Operating Manual and a Treatment Protocol Manual. The Operating Manual tells you how to use the unit and adjust for different specifications. It also tells you how to perform basic functions on the cold laser unit.

The Treatment Protocol Manual will give you different ways you can use the cold laser equipment for a different kinds of treatments. It is a lot more in-depth that the Owner’s Manual and provides specific instructions on how to use your cold laser (LLLT) therapy device for your specific needs.

Most people find all the help they need to successfully use their cold laser in this Treatment Protocol Manual, if it comes with one. If yours has it, it is not necessary to read the whole thing, but definitely look it over and read the parts that pertain to you.

Other Equipment and Extras

manuals, goggles and caseDifferent cold lasers come with different accessories and extras. Some come with goggles, diagrams and instructions for treatment, DVDs with more detailed instructions, etc. Some will come with additional probes, attachments or diodes for different treatment options. Most, though, do not come with these additional parts included and they need to be purchased separately.

For example, the Terraquant Pro package comes with two pairs of goggles to protect your eyes for the laser. It also comes with a custom soft sided case.


Where to Buy

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You can see some of our other pages for more information on where you can buy your own buying your own cold lasers. If you are interested in learning more about the technology of cold lasers and how they help on a cellular level,┬áread our informative page on Low Level Laser Light Therapy Devices For Sale – How It Works.