Hi, I’m Robyn, and I run ColdLasersForSale.com.

If you have experiences pain and then received cold laser therapy from your doctor, then you know the kind of relief it can provide. The problem is that doctor visits can get expensive if you have to go a lot. Of course, we’re all thankful to our doctors for introducing us to this technology. But, you can actually do it yourself at home.

Sorry, Doctors, nothing personal.

That’s why I started this website: so that people can learn more about the cold laser devices you can buy and use at home. Now, not all cold lasers can be bought online. Some of the stronger ones require a recommendation from your doctor and a note. But, most people just need a class M1 laser which requires none of that.

I created this website to show people what the different models are and to learn a little more about how the science of low level laser therapy actually works to relieve pain. You may have had a great experience with your doctors’ LLLT, but maybe there’s one that’s better suited to you. They purchased that equipment to use on everybody, so your needs may be different.

Here, you can find out what those needs are and make the best decision of which one to buy for yourself. Please send me a message if you have any comments or questions.